8.5 Years Sober Today Reminds Me Of What’s Possible

Carly BensonSobriety, Transformation, Yoga5 Comments

sobriety silent savasana carly benson

Exactly 8.5 years ago today I made a decision to quit drinking and using cocaine. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I didn’t want to experience the anxiety, panic, shame, guilt, exhaustion, defeat or self loathing for one minute longer.

I prayed for a miracle that day – not knowing what I was doing and not even sure I was praying in the right way. From that day forward I never drank or did cocaine again.

Many people ask “How did you do it?”

It really came down to making a decision, asking for divine intervention & then believing in possibilities by being willing to do things differently.

If something in your life isn’t making you feel good, you are allowed to change it. Not only are you allowed, you are capable.

Last night as I laid in our final pose at a yoga movement called Silent Savasana, I realized how much my life has flipped since that day. I no longer need an escape because the life I’ve created is full.

I do yoga now. I teach yoga. I write. I travel. I go on hikes. I enjoy my downtime and alone time. I help others find their path. I read. I pray. I use essential oils. I’ve found ways to vibe high without actually putting anything into my body.

Laying here like a dead person after a yoga class or experience like this – feeling your heartbeat, the energy you shifted in your body and honoring yourself for showing up to do the work always reminds me of what’s possible.

Rising up from this position is always a chance to begin again. You have so much good out in front of you to grab on to if you’ll free up a hand that’s holding on to something that’s no longer serving you.

Be brave. Stand in what’s true. Be willing to do things in new ways.

Showing up for you is the best decision you can ever make.

Namaste from here.