You Cannot Invest Your Soul In A Compromise

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you cannot invest your soul in a compromise carly benson

I recently wrote about the importance of knowing what we want in life and being mindful of what we compromise on as well as what our non-negotiables are. The other part of that lesson I’ve learned is that you cannot invest your soul in a compromise. If your life, lifestyle or life choices are not in harmony with who you … Read More

What’s In Your Hyphen?

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carly benson spend your time wisely

I saw and posted a quote not too long ago that really got me thinking. It said: “If you truly want to know what a person’s goals and dreams are, ask them what they do on a Sunday afternoon.” – Meredith Marple I used to spend my Sunday afternoons in misery for how I spent my time throughout the weekend … Read More

Happiness Comes From Within

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carly benson going within

I used to chase a lot of things – buzzes, people, places – back in my hay days of partying. I was looking for happiness, connection and fulfillment in all the wrong places. Sometimes I would run so fast and so hard that I would even forget what day it was. I lived for the cheap thrills nestled inside the … Read More