Just For Today

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just for today carly benson

As many of you know, I recently celebrated seven years of sobriety and while it was a time of honoring my commitment, it was also, ironically, a time of questioning it as well. I found myself wondering if I wanted to be sober “forever.” It was a time of serious contemplation and reflection for me, which I indicated on the … Read More

The Art of Being Consistent To Consistency

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consistency is key carly benson

Let’s be honest, there are many weeks where I don’t feel like writing because I’m not motivated or inspired. There are many days where I don’t feel like hitting my yoga mat or going for a run. There are times when I don’t feel like eating healthy and I just want to stuff my face with pizza and sweets. There are … Read More

Be An Eagle

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I recently went to a singing bowl meditation. Singing bowls are amazing instruments that make beautiful harmonic sounds similar to the sound a wine glass makes when you run your finger around the rim fast enough. This type of meditation was extremely powerful and fascinating to me. While I was a bit apprehensive that it would actually work because I’ve … Read More

How To Deal With The End Of Summer Shift

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the end of summer shift

The end of summer is upon us. With the end of this season comes a shift. Not only do we transition from the days of summer to the days of fall, but our inner workings also tend to shift along with the seasons. We recommit to goals and set end-of-year goals. We begin to look at the way the year … Read More

6 Ways To Stay Committed To Your Dreams

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staying commited to your dreams carly benson

In the pursuit of dream chasing, we always start out giving it 100%. We are fully committed. We create habits that allow us to further our goals. We make plans and timelines. We tell people about our vision and grand plans. We are feverishly committed and dedicated to seeing it through. We are ready to kick some ass. And then … Read More