Your Tribe Affects Your Vibe

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your tribe affects your vibe carly benson

I was recently tagged in a video dancing at a pool party and while it was all in good, sober fun for me, it was brought to my attention by several people that it didn’t seem too fitting for the lifestyle I write and speak about. I’m all about demonstrating that you can still have a ton of fun in … Read More

The Moment You Know You Are Ready For Something New

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carly benson moments of clarity

The moment you know you are ready for something new is pivotal. It’s loud. It’s undeniable. You may hear a whisper about it for a while but eventually it turns into a scream. Sometimes it feels like time freezes briefly as your soul is shaken or cradled. Other times it just becomes an unwavering certainty. It happens to everyone at … Read More

Everything Is Temporary

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everything is temporary

The other day during a prayer meditation, I was reminded that everything is temporary. Everything. Then I saw this quote a few hours later, reconfirming the message I received during my meditation. “Everything is temporary; Emotions, thoughts, people and scenery. Do not get attached, just flow with it.” When we really think about it, the only thing truly permanent in … Read More

3 Yoga Practices To Implement In Life

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yoga practices for life

Last week I talked about how yoga is a metaphor for life and what I learned from the Baptiste yoga retreat I recently completed. As I continue to reflect, I’ve been struck with a few more revelations about what yoga, in general, has taught me about life. Whether you have practiced yoga or not, I think these concepts are helpful … Read More