8 Things I Learned in 8 Days

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be a yes

As I am integrating back into reality after my Baptiste training in Sedona, Arizona, last week, I’ve been overwhelmed with thoughts, emotions and a real sense of accomplishment. There were so many breakthroughs and ah-ha moments. I’m left with transformation and insight that I could write on for days, and I fully intend to by the way. In the meantime, … Read More

The Importance Of Having A Vision

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This weekend I embark on a new journey. Several months ago I was given a vision of studying yoga on a deeper level by enrolling in teacher training. At first, it was a small tug on my heart, but it became louder and the vision around it became more vivid. I began having daydreams and visualizations of yoga retreats and … Read More

The Best Thing About Sobriety

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interview carly benson sexy sobriety

In my recent interview with Sexy Sobriety, we dove head first into my past relationship with alcohol and drugs, what caused me to quit, how I sustained my sobriety and what my lifestyle looks like on the other side of the bottle. Besides all of the benefits we discussed throughout the conversations, I was asked, “What is the best thing … Read More