A Reminder To Let Go

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carly benson let go

I recently bought a necklace in Los Angeles. It’s a weathered gold necklace with an old key on the end of it. A key someone used to own to what I would imagine was a mailbox of some kind. I bought the necklace because it had the words “Let Go,” engraved on it. I thought it was a nice reminder … Read More

The Game Before The Game

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gods armor

We’ve all had something in life that we have prepared for or even fought for. Whether it was a goal, an event, training for something or a dream we are chasing. When I recently watched the Beats By Dre World Cup commercial, I could not help but be inspired and to ultimately question my faith. If you have not watched … Read More

An Exercise For Living In The Present Moment

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living in the present moment

Living in the present moment is a practice that takes time, real mindfulness and it must be exercised like anything else you are trying to build upon. During a meditation and prayer time, I stumbled upon an exercise for living in the present moment that has started a shift in my life and helped me to see the benefits of … Read More

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

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naples fl beach

A couple weeks ago during prayer I heard a message that said: Things are not always as they seem. I couldn’t pin point what it was in reference to until I went for a long walk on the beach the other day. I’ve been coming to the same beach for half my life. I’ve done this walk hundreds of times. … Read More