Transformation Tuesday: 102 Days In Hell

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Since starting Miracles Are Brewing, I have been approached by many people for advice on getting sober, which tends to lend itself to a conversation of faith as well. Last August I was introduced to a friend of a friend who was at the height of a breakdown from alcoholism, addiction and the harsh reality that he might be faced … Read More

A Simple Exercise To Find Happiness By Reconnecting To It

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When I was a little girl, I would play office. Some little girls played with dolls or Barbie’s or had tea parties, but nope, not me. I’d set up my desk for success with staplers, pens, paper in a variety of assortments if I might add, a phone and yes, even invoices. My happiness was so simple and uncomplicated at … Read More

Transformation Tuesday: 15 Lessons of Transformation

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Some times I get people who ask me how I changed my life. How did I quit drinking and using cocaine? Why did I quit? There must have been something absolutely terrible that happened to make me undergo such a drastic transformation. Sure, I had my fair share of regrets, bad decisions and less than good experiences such as overdosing, … Read More