8 UPsides of Upside Down

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upside down life

Man, my world was rocked recently! Flipped upside down. Faith challenged. Tested and dragged beyond my comfort limits. A dramatic series of events and intense emotional warfare I haven’t experienced in a very long time. But guess what? I’m not going to dwell in the suckery of it all. I’m going to spare the details, because they are insignificant. What … Read More

Balance In Life Is Fundamental To Happiness

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balance in life

Life is a delicate and constant balancing act. It takes work. But more importantly it takes awareness. Too much of any thing can throw us out of step. On the flip side when we lack certain things, it can also cause us to feel out of sync, which is why I believe balance in life is fundamental to happiness. This … Read More

Intention Setting

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Many people come to me and ask for advice on getting started with various life change experiences. I have a very clear-cut and simple starting point: Set Your Intention. Let’s just think on this for a minute. The definition of intention is an aim or a plan. The thing you intend for or wish to achieve. Seems appropriate that it … Read More