What If Faith Is The Answer

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So often I get approached by people looking for answers or advice about many things. It seems like a subject that continues to arise is faith. People always ask me how I got the faith that I have and so openly talk about. Especially after the post from last week, I got a lot of people asking me to dive … Read More

What Faith Is To Me

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Faith, to me, is… Believing with certainty based on knowledge of the soul, which is beyond the need for physical proof. Realizing that I don’t have all the answers. Counting my blessings. Letting go. Something extremely unique and individual for everyone. A treasure that no one can take away from me. When I don’t allow my wants or desires to … Read More

6 Things to Stop So Happiness Can Start

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Please don’t take this advice as me being bossy or condescending. These epiphanies are the lessons I have had to learn, practice and continue to have to remind myself of on the regular. I share them with realness in hopes that you can begin to live life at a new level by implementing these suggestions on what to stop and … Read More

How To Let Go of Unexpected Responses

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let it be what it is

One thing I have learned over the years is to let go of how you think people should respond. Let go of the outcome we have playing in our heads. Let go of the expectation we have of what the other person should do. Let circumstances and situations be exactly what they are. If we can get to a point … Read More