Book Recommendation: A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

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A Million Little Pieces James Frey Art

I recently finished this book and I’m still reeling at how it made my mind race.  I guess, in part, I connected to this book and his story because I have grappled with addiction. I think it also made my guts turn inside out because I kept thinking that I could have wandered that far off track. This is a … Read More

A Prayer For Addiction

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Serenity Prayer

As I reflect on the recent news of Cory Monteith’s death, it brings tears to my eyes; yet another human life taken by drugs. How many times have we heard this same sad story, over and over? I’ve had numerous friends die in drug related deaths, some of them more shocking than others. Right at this very moment, I can … Read More

Rejection, Miracles & World Domination

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Rejection is like chicken, jia jiang, rejection therapy

Rejection. Even just spelling that out makes me a bit uneasy. It’s appearance is about as unpleasant as the feelings it invokes. The negative connotation that surrounds being rejected has made us into a culture that hides from it. As if it has crazy superpowers over us at times. The fear of it. The feel of it. The avoidance of … Read More

A 20-Day Guide to Better Spiritual Conversations

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passionate prayer

As we bring the series of meaningful conversations to a close, yes, I saved the best for last – spiritual conversations. Warning: It’s a long post and it could cause MIRACULOUS things to happen in your life. Since publishing this blog, I’ve had many people approach me and ask me how to pray or how to establish a relationship with … Read More