Meaningful Conversations

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Today I write in awe of how grateful I am for the people in my life. New, old, repaired and even the damaged relationships around me are gentle reminders of how we are all interconnected. I’ve been fortunate this past week, in particular, to have so many meaningful conversations, from serious, to sad, to prayerful to advice-full, to playful and … Read More

3 Effective Practices to Build More Positivity Into Your Life

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Thought Change Leads To Life Change

One of the more valuable lessons I’ve learned to date is the importance of keeping a positive mindset, no matter where you are at in life. I’ve found that this requires you to feed yourself with as many positive vibes as possible – from the people you see and talk to on a regular basis, to the information you read … Read More

An Invitation To See & An Interview

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eyes are the windows

I just finished a book and a bible study on Invitations from God by Adele Calhoun.  What a miraculous book! The lessons I’ve learned during this season have been tremendous. The book teaches us all the invitations we get from God and reminds us of all the ways we can be invited closer to him. They include an Invitation to: … Read More

Hidden Lessons, Hidden Potential

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hidden potential

Some of the most valuable lessons I have learned stemmed from letting go of the need I used to have to control everything.  To live a perfect, regimented life and by doing so, I’d never get hurt.  Right? Wrong.  Over time I’ve learned that it actually hurt me more to live in my perfectionistic bubble. I have learned to let … Read More

Living Clean…And I Don’t Mean Sober

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When I talk about “living clean,” I’m not technically referring to being sober. Although it sounds applicable, I mean living a wholesome life that ultimately sets you up for real happiness. When we look at this, I would ask if are you cutting back on the things that contribute to spiritual weakness and instead are you focusing on the stuff … Read More