Are You Exercising, Spiritually?

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In today’s world, we constantly hear about the importance of eating clean.  What you put into you body really does dictate your health and the longevity of your life.  We read about the importance of nourishing our bodies with good foods like fruits and vegetables. Or how we should cut sugar from our diet. Added to that often comes the topic … Read More

Change Begins With A Decision. Just Say Yes…

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just say yes

This is your life. The choices you make today will determine your tomorrow. There is no other way to cut it. Napoleon Hill once said, “Every moment is your next move.” Which essentially means we are constantly making choices and decisions that will further us down our paths. Part of creating a substantial life change is not just  about making … Read More

A Shift In Priorities Leads To A Shift In Life

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Priority Mindfulness

One of the biggest lessons I have learned recently is to be mindful of what my priorities are.  What is it that I put first as the bearer of my happiness?  What do I put before other things that are important? Think of all the times we think: if I could just get that car, or job, or house, or … Read More