I Believe…

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Happiness stems from what we believe in.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in love.  Believe in miracles…they are brewing…   I Believe… That people ultimately all want the same things: To feel needed, loved and appreciated. I Believe… That everything we want in life is driven by a feeling it stirs inside of us. It’s always a feeling. I Believe… That … Read More

4 Obstacles Keeping You From Achieving What You Want

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wake up go after it repeat

What is stopping you from achieving what you really want? In short: You are.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Most of the time we are the only person standing in our own way and stopping us from accomplishing what we truly desire.  Trust me, I know because I used to be a repeat offender. There are several obstacles that can … Read More

3 Tips to Overcome Negativity

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live the happy life

If you allow your thoughts and feelings to stay in a negative state, your situation will likely stay there as well.  What you choose to focus on will ultimately remain your reality.  When you realize you don’t need to think negatively and that you DO have a choice, it becomes easier to make the decision not to stay in that … Read More